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New media: running race has become a new way of life China people decompression!

Singapore Lianhe Zaobao network May 29th article, the original problem: the middle class loves running marathon 6 years ago, Yang Yunfeng, a self loving and tossing, left the comfortable design business and joined in the Chinese home care industry. Unexpectedly, the company suffered a blow, he often woke up at three or four a.m..

allows you to sleep, he began to run at night. As a result, he ran farther and farther, until the first marathon in life. In the 21 kilometre half marathon, Yang Yunfeng ranked 477th, surpassing 96.4% of the same players. "I realized that everything would be rewarding as long as it was invested." He said. Gradually, the dopamine made by running makes him feel cheerful. Marathon teaches him to split goals, learn to concentrate and achieve more tough character, giving him a new fulcrum of life.

Yang Yunfeng is only one of the millions of runners in China. With the abundance of material life, running and walking, and in recent years has become a new way of life Chinese people decompression. Public data show that last year in Chinese full marathon athletics registered a total of 53 games, including 35 class a certification tournament field, finishing more than 130 thousand passengers. According to the annual marathon annual conference held in January this year, the marathon and related events have covered 79 cities in four municipalities and 23 other provinces in China last year, an increase of 34 over the previous year. In 84% of China's provinces, one or more marathons and related events are held each year. (global network)
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