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adidas Yeezy Boost 650 V1 the first exposure seems to be in 2016, this time the shoes again usher in more details of recent photos, do not know when to wait for its sale?

adidas Yeezy Boost 650 looks like the Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost; based on Optimization and modification, the higher increase in the collar of the shoe design, still use Primeknit knitting uppers, with plain lateral heel shoes, very good taste, finally still collocation Boost + and upper translucent rubber the same color in at the end of the design. There is no more information on the sale of Adidas Yeezy Boost 650, do you think this new shoe type looks good?
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sprint? Don't look at sprints. The sprint needs hard work. How do you master the sprint skills? How do you train sprints? Let's take a look at the next one.

sprint training method

1. Speed training

dash is the need for speed training, the first is to prepare a variety of activities, activities, coordination exercises, elongated run or elastic running speed exercises; 30 meters, 60 meters, 80 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters, in addition to the special exercise run, can also be carried out: hanging leg raise or supine sit there to enhance the strength, fast strength;

2. Endurance exercise

endurance are very important for the sprint, or first preparatory activities, jog for half an hour every day, can't stop, pay attention to breathing uniform, uniform pace, steady speed, center of gravity slightly forward when you can run, has been relatively loose running, and then into the upper limb strength and jump exercise, the last is the use of rubber a resistance exercise.

3. Speed endurance training

cross-country or ball, a variety of activities, coordination of elongated exercises, then carry sandbags swing the leg, 100 meters, 200 meters intervals or different combination of the running distance run, the last is the upper limb strength training bench or snatch.

after continuous training, will greatly enhance your physical fitness training, these are for the sprint preparations, as long as have more exercise, to have the strength to sprint, when you have enough capacity, but also to grasp certain sprint skills, so that it can run well. Before running, pay attention to doing simple warm-up exercises, such as foot warm up and cool down, strengthen the warm-up to the knee, because running on the knee joint pressure is relatively large, if not a sudden move, is very difficult to bear so much pressure; note the gunfire, sprint, time should not be distracted when preparing for a hear gunfire immediately start, should wear spiked shoes when running, sprint to lean forward primary end point sprint, as long as the head over the line, even if the end point; when running to believe in yourself, according to their own pace, not affected by other people's interference. (39 Health Network)

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